56 cards which cover a wide range of topics including: 


5 Pillars

Sunnahs of drinking

Sunnahs of sleeping


Islamic months





Use the single sheet of pictures as a backing for your playing cards or simple print them blank.


Rules of the game:

2-6 players What do I need: A dice and a 30 second timer


Before playing the game, explain that if a 5 is rolled, it means the player will miss a turn. A 6 is a bonus with the rules explained below.


Each player takes it in turns to roll the dice. So for example the first player might roll a 3. They then have to choose a card from the normal deck (black border) and give 3 correct answers within 30 seconds.* If they answer 3 correctly, the player receives 3 points. If they answer any 1 incorrectly, they lose all their points gained in that round or they get to keep the points for the number of correct answers given (this needs to be established at the start of the game).


The next player then takes their turn and so on. Once someone has reached 30 points, they can choose to pick a card from the challenge pile (red cards). Each correct guess will result in double points for any answers given for the challenge pile cards. If a player rolls a 6, the player can choose any number between 1 and 4 and then pick a card and give that many responses. If they answer correctly, they can double their points but if they give any wrong guesses, they lose all the points in that round.


If any players rolls a 6 whilst on the challenge round, they get to triple their points instead of doubling them. First player to reach 60 wins.


*The timer can be introduced after children have familiarised themselves with the game. It can also be played without one.


Islamic card game

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