How to make and print Islamic Dobble/Spot it


I'm assuming you're here after being forwarded or shown the Islamic Dobble game. (That's Spot it for Non Europeans).

Its free to download on this website under the RESOURCES tab.

For best results, and to make the cards durable and last for a long time, do as follows:

1) Buy suitable photopaper for your printer. Doesn't have to be expensive. I usually buy the 4x6 inch but you can also purchase the A4 size.

2) Download the Dobble PDF and open it in a program like adobe acrobat reader DC (free).

3) Select 4 pages per sheet in the print options if you are printing on A4 paper (which may be easier).

4) Once printed, cut around the circle leaving a 1cm gap.

5) laminate

6) Cut around the circle again so as to prevent any sharp edges

This can also be done with normal card too but I like the shine and professional look of the photopaper.

Let me know how you got on by tagging me via instagram or commenting below!

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