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I hope everyone is in the best state of health and Imaan. This month we have managed to make a few free printables for your children or pupils.

Ramadan activity sheet


These free Ramadan printable sheets have been hugely popular this week. I have done this activity with kids aged 5-11 and each one of them enjoyed it and worked hard to complete it. With certain worksheets, kids can get bored super quick or gradually lose interest but Alhamdulillah, these worked a treat.

The thing I love about these is that the sheets can be differentiated and can be completed by almost any primary age child.

For our smaller pupils, we just talked through the concept and simply got them to colour, cut and glue. With our mid ranged pupils, we got them to write down what each pillar or good deed was. And for the slightly older ones, we got them to expand and write a little more detail for each box. For example for Salah, the younger ones just wrote Salah and prayer. The older ones wrote that we pray 5 times and also wrote the names of the Salah. You can extend this further and perhaps get them to write a sentence about why we pray etc.

Download this for free under RESOURCES>RAMADAN. Scroll down and click the PDF icon which will download straight to your device.

Please note: free sign up is required to get access to these resources.

Free printable Ramadan colouring pages


This beautiful lantern along with a few other free Islamic colouring sheets can be found under RESOURCES>COLOURING PAGES

I made this with mindfulness colouring in mind. There has been a recent surge in the number of mindfulness colouring books out on supermarket shelves. Mindfulness colouring has been shown in research to have the following benefits:

  • It can help lift your mood, decrease stress and anxiety

  • It encourages the formation of a positive and relaxed coping mechanism which in turn can be used to manage anxious thoughts and feelings

  • It can distract from negative thoughts

One of the reasons why I turn to colouring at least once a week is that it is cheap and the kids are guaranteed to love it. It also serves as a great activity for kids to engage in whilst I am listening to memorisation. This means that they don't need to be waiting around after having said their memorisation to me. They usually don't want to start learning the next part straight away (after having just said their next part to me), so colouring serves as a nice little catch up and relax session. They love to catch up with each other and this means that their hands are busy at the same time and they are also de stressing without realising.

We also have a few more activities and colouring pages that you can access for free by signing up for free under the RESOURCES tab.

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