Free Ramadan colouring pages

With Ramadan just around the corner, how can you keep the kids busy whilst you yourself are trying to fit in enough Quran recitation or nafl prayers?

Keep it simple, fuss free and mess free (that's if your kids don't draw on walls :/), and simply get them to colour in these Ramadan colouring pages. (I will be adding more to our paid members section in the upcoming weeks Insha'Allah).


They can use pencil colours, felts, crayons, pastels, watercolours, paint that they don't get bored with just one type of colouring.


Whilst some think that colouring is a waste of time, it can be incredibly therapeutic. You can set up a colouring station or a colouring hour. Make it a time for enhancing their listening skills by putting on an Islamic children's audiobook, podcast or nasheed whilst they are colouring. Engaging in activities like this is a way for them to switch off and just be in the moment. The benefit of having a nasheed or Islamic story on, is that they are subconsciously or in fact very consciously taking in the underlying message of what they are listening to whilst keeping their hands busy.


Choosing different methods of colouring will also to some degree nurture their artistic abilities in a way that doesn't put them under pressure. We all know what having a blank piece of paper in front of us can do to our ability to create something. The pressure can seem pretty intense and for little minds, that pressure can lead to some children showing signs of disinterest and they may end up not liking more creative tasks. Colouring sheets allow them to experiment with colours in a way which is especially helpful for children who hate getting messy with paint. The lines provide direction and purpose and for some children, it can be soothing, whilst also providing a springboard for more creative endeavors.

I hope you find these sheets an adequate means of keeping your children and students entertained this Ramadan. To access our growing range, join the membership waitlist for April, where we will be uploading over 1000 maths worksheets for ages 5-11 and so much more!

You can find the colouring sheets under the RESOURCES > COLOURING AND ACTIVITIES section. If you have any particular requests for colouring sheets, feel free to drop a comment or get in touch :)

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