Free Ramadan Booklets ages 6-11

Updated: Apr 5

Alhamdulillah there are so many free downloadable Ramadan booklets available online. Lots of scholars, teachers, mums and authors have worked hard to create such fantastic resource-rich booklets that have a wide range of activities.

Due to copyright reasons and out of respect for fellow writers and authors, the booklets wont be available to download directly from this blog. Instead I have added instructions on how to access them. Some instruction involve going to the websites named, and downloading from there. By doing this you are showing support for them and respect for their work.

I haven't arranged them in any particular order and will be adding more over the coming days Insha'Allah so remember to bookmark this page for easy access. If you would like me to add any other Ramadan activity booklets, feel free to comment or send me an email using the contact form on this website.

My Ramadan Journal by Muslim Kids TV

How do I get this?

1) Visit MuslimKids.TV

2) Put in your name and email when prompted

3) They will Insha'Allah email this to you directly where you can download and print it

*Alternatively, click on the picture above, which should take you straight to the page where you can just put in your details.

My perfect Ramadan Journal- By Ummi at

How do I get this?

1) Visit

2) Click on the tab which say 'Ramadan Journal 2020'

3) Scroll down and click the big bold font in capital letters which says: DOWNLOAD ‘MY PERFECT RAMADAN JOURNAL 2020’

This should download straight to your device.

*Alternatively, click on the picture above, which should take you straight to that page

My Ramadan Activity Booklet- by Abu Mus'ab Naman at Resources – Islam Nelson

1) Visit Resources – Islam Nelson

2) Simply click on the image which shows this cover and the booklet should download straight to your device

*Alternatively, click on the picture above, which will take you straight to the page, where you can download the booklet.

Ramadan activity book by Jawad and Azeezah Jafry

I was asked if I could share this with subsribers/followers from IG. I can email this booklet to directly to you, just send me a quick message, or leave a comment.

You can visit the website HOME | and sign up for details on when they officially launch.

I will add to this over the coming days. If you would like your booklet on this page, just drop me an email and I'll be happy to add it.

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