Free arabic letter worksheets

Continuing with our theme of teaching children Arabic letter recognition, I thought it best that I share a few free different activities that aim to help children with their letter recognition. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion for our future posts.

Arabic letter colouring booklet

These Arabic alphabet colouring worksheets are designed to provide children with a little mindful colouring opportunity. You can talk them through what the images are in Arabic. I have chosen Islamic images for majority of the letters so that they can begin to familiarise themselves with the words.

Arabic alphabet colouring pages PDF


This is a free resource which can be accessed by clicking on the picture above, or by visiting the RESOURCES section and signing up for free.

Arabic letter tracing cards

We have also released these little Arabic letter flashcards which have been received positively by many individuals. Again, click on the picture below to access the cards.


My students love these and they enjoy tracing the Arabic letters.

I would recommend laminating them and getting children to practise writing them using a whiteboard pen. If you are teaching in a class or maktab, you can hand out a few different letters and get children to practise writing on their own cards and then you can ask them to swap with the person sitting next to them and so on.

Joint Arabic letter mat


This is a fantastic resource for those children that need a little more of a visual guide when they begin their joint letter journey. I have these in A4 size and also have them in A5 size as shown below. The download is just in A4 size, but when printing, just change the printer setting to 2 per page. This will allow the kids to store the mats in their Qa'idahs or bags in an easy and handy way.


For Maktabs and Qaidah classes, I would recommend getting the children to colour code the letters themselves after picking 3 different colours. Tell them to choose one colour for beginning letters and then colour all the beginning letters in the same colour and then get them to move on to the middle letters and so on. This will then help them to remember their joint letters a little easier.

For more resources and suggestions, check out our previous blog posts. We upload a blog post every week and would love to hear suggestions from our readers about how they use these resources or any of their resources in their own classrooms or homes.

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