Printing the Daily Dua book at an affordable price

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Assalamu alaykum,

If you would like to print the book for a reasonable price, I would recommend getting a HP printer. You can buy one for roughly £30 and due to Covid 19 and resulting school closures, I think this would be a good investment for the coming months.

HP instant ink allows you to print the following and prices are the same for full colour or just black and white.

15 pages: free

50 pages: £1.99

100 pages: £3.49

300 pages: £7.99

700 pages: £17.99

All you need to do is buy some paper and the ink is sorted and shipped for you. Once your printer is connected to the internet, it ensures that you never run out of ink. (You don't have to keep the printer on, it updates once you reconnect).

I print on a regular basis and change between paying £3.49 in quieter months and £7.99 when my printing needs are higher. On the £7.99 plan, each page (one sided) costs me about 3 pence. This is great considering the cheapest printing shop around here charges a minimum of 5 pence per page. HP also provide a free recycling service, in which they send pre-paid envelopes for your used HP cartridges which can be posted at your local post office.

Use the link below to get one free month of printing in addition to the 3 months that HP usually offers when you buy a HP printer.

Please note: I also get one month free of HP instant ink but would never recommend something unless I use it and benefit from it as a result.

Do your own research before purchasing and ask HP any questions as the prices and other things may vary from the time of writing this blog.

Also, if someone has a printer/ink plan which works out cheaper, please let me know. Jzk

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