5 simple activities for Arabic letter recognition

1) Snap

Print 4 sets of the free Arabic flashcards (click on the picture below for free access) or the pastel cards in the shop. Children can take it in turns to put a card down one at a time. If there are 2 of the same cards in the pile, the first one to shout SNAP and place their hand on the pile wins!

Teachers, this may get a little loud but they will look forward to playing this and it will increase their love for your lessons.

Kids love this as its competitive and they adore competing and of course winning!


2) Colour by letter

Colouring and learning- my favourite combination. Children love colouring anything and everything. They especially love it when I pull out a pack of new colours. Scented colours gets them super excited and they end up waving their finished pages under each others noses and of course their parent's nose.

I normally buy felt tips as sharpening pencil colours can be a hassle, but if you get one of the children to be a pencil sharpening monitor, those tips will stay sharp!

If you're going for felts, make sure they are washable. These Crayola colours fit the bill and marks can be wiped of pretty much anything.

If you prefer pencil colours, these steadler ones are good quality and sharpen well and produce good bright colours which don't fade as much over time (so good for displaying work). Currently, they are on for £4 so wait until they are back at this price or lower.


3) Ordering letters

Using the flashcards on this website or these fantastic ones on Amazon by Goodword, mix up the cards. Start off with just 3 cards. Mix them up and lay them out, then tell the child to put them in the correct order. As the child becomes confident, introduce more but not before they are completely confident in correctly ordering all the letters you have given them.

4) Splat

Grab your pack of Arabic letter cards. Lay them all out on the floor. If you have a large class, split them into groups of 5. Start by saying any letter from the alphabet. The children need to find the letter and 'splat' it. They can do this using their hand or these splatters* from Amazon or a pound/dollar store. Whoever find the letter first, gets to keep the card. You then choose another letter and the children then have to find and splat that one and so on. The child with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

* With the 'splatter' I find it works well for children who may end up getting over excited and smacking another child's hand by accident. This happens with one of my classes, so I found that using these meant no hands were getting smacked.

5) Spot and circle

So this may involve some printing and laminating depending on how you usually like your kids to work. Download the 'I spy' Arabic letter sheets from the shop. Print and laminate if you want it to last or this activity can be used as a colouring one if you have some time to spare. Have 3 or 4 different coloured whiteboard markers to hand. Children can then choose to colour the letter Baa blue for example. They then have to find all the Baa letters and circle them in the blue whiteboard marker if you have laminated the sheets. Otherwise they can just match the letters and colour them in according to whatever colour they have chosen.


Click on the picture to take you to our store where you can purchase it and download it today.

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