About Me 

I am a qualified teacher with a BA degree in Education and a PostGraduate Certificate in Education.

I have been teaching Quran, Qaidah and Islamic Studies from when I was 16, after doing a 5 year Islamic course on Hadith, Tafseer and the Arabic Language.

I work as a day to day supply teacher and visit all kinds of schools and get to meet some incredible people and lovely children! 

After I'm done with teaching in schools for the day, I spend an hour at home, teaching local children Quran and Islamic Studies. That's my favourite part of the day :)  possibly because I have been at it so long but also because there is a calmness and sense of peace and purpose that is so soothing. It also is most definitely because the children I teach are really great Masha-Allah and I am so thankful that they are Alhamdulillah.

I also teach Islamic classes and love making resources to go alongside any topic we might be doing. I thought I would share the resources I have made and collected over time in the hopes that it benefits you and your children.

If you have any queries or questions feel free to contact me and I will Insha Allah get back to you.